BER Before: G – After: A3

Before: BER G

After: BER A3

The challenge: Mass concrete architecturally designed house constructed in 1939 with single glazed aluminium windows.  Heating is via storage heaters with a stove in the living room and oil range to heat the water. 

Client Requirements: To make the house warm and comfortable by reducing the heat loss and improving the heat efficiency while maintaining the integrity and look of the house. 

Works Included:

  • Specification, Grant Coordination and Works Completion
  • 120mm external insulation System.
  • Passive uPVC windows and doors.
  • Flat roof and attic insulation.
  • Air to Water Heat Pump and radiator system with time and temperature zone control.
  • 200 litre factory insulated hot water cylinder.
  • Unused chimneys permanently sealed.
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation System.
  • Air tightness improved to < 3 m3/(h*m2 surface area)
  • Building alterations as required
  • New soffit/fascia and gutters
  • EV car charger.

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